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I just ordered another case and would like to mail a free copy to anyone interested. Simply email me at SaraHayesSells@yahoo.com and I will mail it to you ASAP. Makes a great gift for those friends you would like to move to the area. Will be available for purchase on Amazon next week for $9.99.

Description – Discover the hidden gem of Orlando North, a less touristy area of Central Florida with an abundance of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Whether cycling, canoeing, golfing, or boating, this area offers it all. Home ownership in Orlando North is a wise investment, as the area continues to increase in popularity. Take a tour through the major cities within Orlando North, and then make note of the buying and selling tips specific to this region.

River Crest

River Crest

I was reminded yesterday of the beauty of River Crest. Several of the homes back to the Wekiva River and one is for sale for $599,000. Call for more information. 407-221-1772

Wekiva Parkway

At tonight’s Wekiva Parkway public meeting, several informational stations were set up throughout the room. About 10 easels were set up displaying different photographs and renderings of Stages 7A , 7B, and 8 of the project.

Sections 7A and 7B primarily affect SR 46, which will be widened from Orange Boulevard to just short of the Wekiva Park. This is a non-toll improvement which is in great need. Driving both to and from the meeting on Orange Boulevard tonight, west-bound traffic was backed up to the Bell Lake Forest apartments.  Improvements will also be made on SR 46 from Orange Boulevard to I-4. Construction is expected to begin in 2018 and 2019.

Section 8 is the continuation of the 417 toll from International Parkway. The toll will continue west along the current Wilson Drive, behind Wilson Elementary, across Orange Boulevard, and along the westernmost portion Wayside Drive. At that point the toll roughly runs above the current SR 46 into Lake County. Construction is expected to begin in 2018.

The photos and renderings below were the most significant to me, as a Wilson Elementary parent. The toll’s overpass crossing Wilson Road will be massive. As seen in the rendering, the road consists of 3 lanes running east, 3 lanes running west, and 2 additional outer roads.


The aerial photo below gives a wider view of the toll crossing Wilson Road and traveling behind Wilson Elementary.


In addition to the toll and non-toll expansions, a multi-use trail will be constructed along Section 7A near Wekiva Park. The trail will cross the Wekiva River on a new, high-profile bridge and is planned to tie into the current Seminole Wekiva Trail.

All sections are expected to be open by 2021. For more information information regarding the Wekiva Parkway project visit www.WekivaParkway.com. For more information on Seminole County and Orlando North check out the following resource “The Ultimate Guide to Orlando North Real Estate” available at Amazon.com/Ultimate-Guide-Orlando-North-Estate.