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What are some easy backyard projects for a staycation?

You know that yard project you’ve talked about since you first moved in but still haven’t gotten around to? Why not skip this summer’s beach trip, saving the expense of travel and lodging, and instead invest that money into a landscaping staycation?

Here are four projects to consider for your landscaping staycation.

1) Garden boxes
Raised garden boxes take container gardening to the next level. They are an attractive way to get plants out of harm’s way (be it from pets or rodents) while raising a bumper crop of produce or flowers. Yes, you could purchase pre-made boxes at a garden store, but you can save a lot of money and create a custom look by making them yourself, and it doesn’t take a lot of construction expertise. Depending on your budget, yard space, and skill level, garden boxes can be made of wood, sheet metal, and/or retaining wall materials. You can even find simple step-by-step how-to instructions online.

2) Fire pit
Fire pits have grown in popularity over the past several years and are an increasingly common landscaping upgrade. With some planning and muscle, you can create your own backyard oasis to enjoy on those cool evenings. Freestanding pits, fueled with either firewood or a propane tank, can be placed in just about any open-air location, or for the more ambitious, you can buy complete fire pit kits that you assemble yourself. Level the ground, install a paver patio, and add some comfy outdoor furniture to create a cozy-warm gathering spot.

3) Water feature
Installing a water feature takes a bit of strategic planning–you typically will need not only adequate space but also a power source, and if you are digging, be sure you first know where all underground utility lines are. For a fountain, you can buy either ready-made elements, or if you are feeling ambitious and creative, you can buy a simple pump to recycle the water and create your own design out of stone or brick. For ponds, again, prefabricated plastic tubs can be purchased at a garden store, or you can purchase liner by the roll and create your own custom design.

4) Playhouse or swing set
Your kids are going to jump for joy when they see their new play area! Again, depending on your skill level, you can either purchase pre-made sets, get a kit, or build it yourself from scratch. Whichever route you choose, you will want to first do some site prep work, clearing the area, leveling the ground, and laying weed mat. Then, the American Society for Testing and Materials suggests putting down three to six inches of mulch, which has been determined to help cushion a fall from up to 12 feet.

Have you used a staycation to complete a landscaping project? Here’s your chance to show it off…share your photos!

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