Archive for Month: May 2016

Under Contract



I am so happy for my buyers in St. Cloud, as we just received the accepted contract on a beautiful 6 bedroom home in Esprit. After researching St. Cloud, searching the different communities, and narrowing down the list we found the home for their family. Inspections to follow.

Buyer Orientation


Today I attended the buyer orientation for a new townhouse in Grande Oaks at Heathrow. The warranty manager and his sidekick entertained us while showing us all the mechanical aspects of the home. A few walls need touch up, and they should look great next week when my buyer closes. No surprises, and that’s how we like it.

Coming Soon








This month I began working with my first TRUE¬†Millennials. Upon our first meeting I could tell they were very nice, and as we have toured homes the last few weeks we have had some fun. In between looking at disappointing listing after disappointing listing, we most often text to each other to communicate. Individual texts with her, individual texts with him, group texts, whatever. One day they asked me if I was getting all the emojis they were sending. Were they coming through? They were, and as usual I was trying to examine, squint, and figure out the context of these pictures. Are they praying? Yelling? Kidding? Crying, hard? I told them yes I was receiving them, but as a 40 year old I really didn’t understand them. Then they asked if knew what LOL meant. Thankfully I did know and to save my pride I reminded myself that I frequently send a colon/end parenthesis combo out to my friends. Even an occasional semi-colon/end parenthesis combo to let them know I’m JK.

Showing in Lake Forest

Lake Forest Shoreline showing

This morning I met my clients at this beautiful pool home in Lake Forest. The house was a perfect example of how a house should look for a showing. Not an item was out of place, floors were clean, all lights were on and the house was free of odor. The lawn was meticulously landscaped and cared for, and was even voted Yard of the Month a few years ago. 

For more information on this or other homes for sale in Lake Forest, call 407-221-1772.