Just Sold!

Today was full of real estate activity.  I met with a handy man in the morning to repair an attic access door in my Terracina listing – that’s two attic door repairs in one week!  He quickly cut a replacement piece of drywall, applied base paint, knock down texture, a final coat – and viola!


Next, I met my Factors Walk buyers for their close.  As a vacation home, they will enjoy long visits with their Florida family members.  Savannah Park is an active community with a great mix of year round residents and snow birds.  The community boasts one of the nicest pools around.


Finally, I met with my Terracina sellers to pre-sign for their close next week.  This was their vacation home, and their primary residence is in Boston. A huge snow storm is headed towards the northeast US, and they flew down for a few days to donate their furniture to Habitat for Humanity and pack up their personal belongings. We hope they can beat the storm back to Boston!

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